Wellness treatment

The Sauna

The sauna detoxifies deeply and, therefore, makes the skin bright and transparent and the tissues are more elastic. The heat bath also facilitates relaxation and helps sleep overnight. Finally, blood and lymphatic circulation are improved and the activity of the skin, tissues and glands increases. Practically, the sauna equals deep cleansing of the whole body and makes the skin more resistant to weather, from cold to warm, from wind to smog. At the end of the treatment it is advisable to calm the thirst with juices, herbs and water, obviously avoiding alcoholic beverages. Before entering the sauna it is best to take a shower, soaking well with the soap. This allows the skin to be prepared with well-opened pores and facilitates relaxation of the entire body.

Recommended times

Usually, for a sauna to be effective, a couple of steps are needed. The sufficient temperature for good perspiration must reach 80 °. The first step should not exceed ten minutes, indeed, the first time it is best to avoid the steam because the air, suddenly hot and humid, could annoy you: in this case just do not pour water on the stones of the stove.To avoid headaches, before you get out you have to get up from the bench very slowly. Once you leave the sauna, you will have a bath in the hot tub with fresh water, which brings body temperature to normal levels. Then comes the time of rest: wrapped in a bathrobe or with the help of blankets, you lie on the bed. This time, no more than fifteen minutes, can also be used to crush a nap. Finally, return to the sauna for the second pass (about another ten minutes), be careful to repeat the same sequence . At the end of the skin, it will be softer and more elastic: a good vegetable milk (included in the courtesy set) will end the treatment.

It is important to drink

With sweat, body fluids and mineral salts are dispersed in the sauna. It is therefore essential to reintegrate as much as lost. Sugar, stimulants and, above all, alcoholic drinks are banned, not only during, but before and after the sauna. Among the indicated drinks there are unginned water, lime, which you will find in your room. The best time to drink is, however, after the sauna.

Beneficial effects

here is no statistic that detects the psychic benefits of the sauna, however, it is almost unanimously that after a bath you feel psycho-physical relaxation, decreased anxiety, and energy sensation. The abundant sweat caused by the sauna eliminates about one liter of water and thoroughly cleanses the skin, removing impurities and toxic substances. It is clear, however, that the loss of liquids should be reintegrated into the term by drinking herbal teas and fruit juices. The sauna, therefore, does not "make" lose weight, but it certainly contributes to improving metabolism. The beneficial effects of the sauna also affect heart, circulation, skin and breathing and improve resistance to infections such as sinusitis, colds and flu.